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Pangea is committed to your personal and professional growth. We want to improve your quality of life, ensuring excellence while delivering practical and innovative business solutions adapted to the needs of our clients based on your knowledge and experience. You bring your talent and expertise; we upgrade your abilities and motivation with a healthy, flexible, and challenging working environment to promote your professional development.

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Enhancing human potential

Our select group of team members are specialized in different areas and passionate about consulting and client service. They are honest, transparent, tolerant, and responsible people with outstanding commitment to Pangea and our clients’ organizations. Our international team excels at problem-solving, supporting each other to meet the proposed objectives and goals with a global vision.

PANGEA - One World, One Solution



Frederiksberg, Denmark | 19 / Aug / 2021

PANGEA - One World, One Solution



Frederiksberg, Denmark | 16 / Sep / 2021

PANGEA - One World, One Solution

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New York | 19 / Aug / 2021

PANGEA - One World, One Solution

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Boston | 19 / Aug / 2021

PANGEA - One World, One Solution

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Montreal | 19 / Aug / 2021

PANGEA - One World, One Solution

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Montreal | 19 / Aug / 2021

PANGEA - One World, One Solution

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New York | 19 / Aug / 2021

What we believe in

Pangea Consultants promotes our team member’s integral development regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or beliefs. We have a global perspective that comprehends our clients’ situations with an international team working from different countries to adapt faster to our clients’ needs.

We strive to make every team member feel included, accepted, and respected, motivating you to give your best from day one.

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Respect and honesty

Teamwork and

Loyalty to the company
and our clients

Responsibility and commitment

Integrity with your
personal and
professional acts

Innovation in a
constantly evolving

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Santiago Morales

Managing Partner

His leading global mission is to help his clients’ organizations thrive by bringing their disparate applications together in a cohesive, productive system. He has dedicated his life to providing consulting services, optimizing, and guiding companies to reach their ultimate potential.

Sandra Puentes

Sandra Puentes

Dynamics 365 Senior Consultant

Systems Engineer with specialization and professional development in Project Management and Business Intelligence, technical and functional consulting solution implementations. She has participated for over nine years in diverse projects around the globe, mainly in the IT consulting sector assisting numerous organizations.

Pablo Cabana

Dynamics 365 Senior Consultant

Senior Technical Consultant with ten years of experience in LATAM ERP projects. He has keen analytic skills, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities with software development expertise. His system information development expertise has empowered projects across different countries with comprehensive software tools.

Shirley Londoño

Shirley Londoño

Project Director

Professional Electrical Engineer in charge of the quality, planning, monitoring, follow-up, and control of several consulting and technical projects. With over five years of experience as a Project Manager implementing ERP projects for different industries, she leads the consulting teams from initial analysis to the coordination of activities, personnel management, quotation, and project settlement.

Johny Aguilar

Johny Aguilar

Client Success Director

Customer engagement professional with eight years of experience in customer relationships and value management. Keen ability to drive a customer-centric organizational culture and cross-functional company accountability for higher customer satisfaction and loyalty levels.

Yuli Valderrama

Yuli Valderrama

Marketing Director

International Business Professional and magister in Marketing Direction with over eight years of experience in marketing, helping companies drive business growth, developing products and brands in B2B and B2C industries. Passionate about digital transformation, business consulting, innovation, and team development.

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Evolving and Anticipating Your Digital Transformation Needs

Your trust in us moving forward has emboldened the Pangea team to work tirelessly to maintain that trust as your Dynamics 365 consultants.

Dynamics 365 Clients

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