Exceed expectations and bring value to every customer interaction by delivering faster-personalized support and service with built-in intelligence.

Key features

Dynamics 365  <br> Customer Service 2

Service management

  • Control, determine, and configure everything related to your business's customer service. Manage SLAs, schedules, parent-child case hierarchy, queues, policies, and more to quickly track and gather data across processes.
Dynamics 365  <br> Customer Service 3

Account management

  • Empower your agents by providing all the information they need using engagement timelines to find customer activity, notes, queries, and posts —centralized information to gain easy and quick access, thus improving customer satisfaction.
Dynamics 365  <br> Customer Service 4

Case lifecycle management

  • Manage and visualize your entire case lifecycle through interactive dashboards displaying general case information, SLAs, timelines, process flows, and relevant information to the case, such as agent notes and customer satisfaction scores.
Dynamics 365  <br> Customer Service 5

Knowledge management

  • Provide your customers with a knowledge-based portal where they can find the answers to frequently asked questions, articles, tutorials, and guides to improve productivity and customer experience.

Omnichannel (Virtual Agent)

  • Allow customers to contact you where they feel more comfortable: email, chat, social media, phone calls, forums, virtual agents, self-service portals, and more while keeping all the data in a single place.

Community portal

  • Create a self-service portal where customers can create, track and manage cases, check resolution times, agent assessment, frequent and new cases, and more in a user-friendly dashboard.

Azure IoT

  • Shift your customer from reactive to proactive by enabling IoT diagnostics, device updates, and case management to detect issues before the customer notices. Utilize remote monitoring and updating to reduce downtime.


  • Get AI insights and KPI summary with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Check performance metrics, trends, support issues, and operational data —group support topics to suggest effective responses based on historical data and more.

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