Turn prospects into engaged customers by delivering personalized, relevant content based on actionable data.

Key features

Dynamics 365  <br> Marketing 2

Marketing process

  • Plan, define, automate, monitor complete customer journeys from brand awareness to sales qualified leads through multichannel campaigns to enhance personalized engagements and improve customer experience and satisfaction.
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Lead generation

  • Drive strategic nurturing processes by prioritizing and targeting the right leads while getting a holistic view across marketing, sales, and customer service regarding interaction.
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Lead qualification

  • Personalize engagement, target the right people, prioritize leads, and increase productivity by qualifying leads into different categories depending on their needs and actions with marketing incentives, such as email or landing pages.
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Customer journeys

  • Create graphical, easy to build, customizable, trigger-based customer journeys that automate complex and straightforward email marketing campaign workflows depending on customer actions.
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  • Choose the correct audience using Dynamics 365 Marketing's Segmentation Designer to configure contact groups according to your needs, products, and services. Despite creating strategic segments for your marketing efforts, the solution still monitors and scores leads separately to ensure customer satisfaction.
Dynamics 365  <br> Marketing 7

Event management

  • Ease event management processes by designing the right event for the right audience, creating the correct agenda according to time zone, location, or platform (for digital events). Keep track of speaker sessions, registrations, sponsors, costs, and expenses at all times and improve event experience by evaluating popularity and data.
Dynamics 365  <br> Marketing 8

Email marketing

  • Design personalized branded emails with customizable templates and a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies and quickens the creation process. Manage, track, and evaluate your email marketing campaigns with embedded analytics and easy-to-read dashboards that bring significant insights.
Dynamics 365  <br> Marketing 8

Landing Pages

  • Capture visitors and leads by designing engaging landing pages without code, using customizable templates that directly connect to your CRM, and track leads.

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