Connect sales, project management, finance, and resourcing unifying them into a single environment to close more deals and improve project performance, delivery, and profitability.

Key features

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Project planning

  • Easily plan and manage projects from start to finish by working with estimates and schedules, tracking costs, revenue, and expenses, tracing sales process, forecast requirements, and more.
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Project accounting

  • Track and manage the cost of internal and billable projects by determining accounting rules from the beginning, such as time, material transactions, and fixed price. Ease the pre-selling processes, expense management, project revenue calculation, and more.
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Pricing and costing

  • Set up price lists that represent a catalog of rates: costs, sales, and bills. You can also set up product pricing lists to manage project quotes and contracts according to standard and current costs, thus protecting the negotiated prices from master price list changes.
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Resource management

  • Centralize allocation for resources and define requirements on project levels to be fulfilled by resource managers. Or set more flexible resource management by allowing managers to assign requirements and book resources to the right tasks.
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Project management

  • Run projects productively and effectively by leveraging the project management tools such as schedules, estimates, cost and revenue tracking, resource requirement forecasting, project process tracing, and more from sales to delivery.
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Expense management

  • Track expenses, associate them to a project and define policies for automatic reimbursements of travel expenses.
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Project sales process

  • Project-based organizations can track qualified leads as opportunities and improve processes by gaining easy access to all needed assets within the platform. Track your sales team, stakeholders, sales stages, rating, prices, and more to quote and track the opportunity and close it.
Dynamics 365  <br> Project Operations 8


  • Improve your business growth and team productivity by utilizing an easy-to-analyze dashboard and charts with in-depth analytics that provide actionable insights to improve processes and identify issues according to the role, task, or overall projects.

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