Build strong relationships with your customers and align sales and marketing by leveraging data-based insights regarding customer engagement.

Key features

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Develop sales from lead to cash

  • Control, monitor, and record your entire sales lifecycle from lead to cash while gaining insights and improve customer engagements, using a step-by-step guide in Dynamics 365 Sales.
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  • Unify multichannel leads into a single place. Manually or automatically categorize or qualify them according to their interaction to improve strategic future engagements and improve sales operations.
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  • Turn leads into customers by identifying and creating opportunities using detailed records such as potential revenue, timelines, and product and service information. With this feature, companies can forecast revenue and track interactions from start to finish.
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Embedded intelligence

  • Find the right customer and build long-lasting relationships with them by understanding their needs and keeping constant communication. With Relationship Assistant, take better actions; with Email Engagement, improve email approach; and with Auto-capture, find significant emails to use as sales insights for your team.
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Manage product catalog

  • Define and manage products according to hierarchical structures that include a family of products, SKUs, bundles, kits, collections, and others. Define pricing and discount models to apply for each product, bundle, collection, or kit and manage price lists according to your needs.
Dynamics 365  <br> Sales 6

Process sales orders

  • Many companies have different sell processes depending on their products; you can set them up to manage, track, and automate sales orders efficiently. You can also create and send quotes automatically when your customer is ready for a formal proposal.
Dynamics 365  <br> Sales 7

Manage relationships

  • Utilize Microsoft Social Engagement and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build better, personalized relationships that ensure customer satisfaction. Gain significant AI-based insights to predict and prioritize engagement while keeping up with your customer's activities.
Dynamics 365  <br> Sales 8

Analyze sales data

  • Drive more strategic decisions by using multiple analytical tools within Dynamics 365 Sales. With easy-to-analyze views, lists, charts, reports, and dashboards, you can identify your department's strengths, weaknesses, results, customer trends, and competitor comparisons.

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